S.KO Box Semi-trailers

S.KO Box Semi-trailers

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TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Door Locking System

TrailerConnect® Door Locking System


TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TrailerConnect® Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Temperature Recorder

TrailerConnect® Temperature Recorder


TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Brake Pad Wear Indicator

TrailerConnect® Brake Pad Wear Indicator


TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Fuel Sensor

TrailerConnect® Fuel Sensor



Convenient operation –
easy intervention

Comprehensive sensors, perfectly integrated – our proven TrailerConnect® telematics system has just got smarter. For you, as an operator, that means even greater operating convenience. You have the possibility of monitoring everything with the option to intervene should something be not quite right. The third generation CTU telematics unit forms the heart of it. Certain features are already included in the standard trailer, with many more to choose from. You decide what your telematics system should do and create the kind of trailer you need.

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Included in all vehicles with telematics:

Status, operating and diagnostic data is transmitted from the connected brake system

Status, operating and diagnostic data is transmitted from the connected refrigeration unit

An acceleration sensor in the telematics control unit identifi es when the trailer is at a standstill or moving

The telematics control unit and a maximum of four cargo area sensors ensure that the temperature is recorded in accordance with DIN EN 12830

A WiFi interface integrated in the control unit provides for the display and operation of the trailer (standardisation) with the beSmart app

The telematics battery can be heated for loading and provides for standby times of up to four weeks

* Standard with the S.CS Curtainsider Semi-Trailer, optional for S.KO. Reefer Semi-Trailer

Optional functions:

The telematics control unit monitors the status of the starter battery

A printer on the front wall lets you print out temperature data

New brake pad wear sensors indicate the brake wear including wheel position

An RFID receiver on the front wall clearly identifi es the RFID transponder on the tractor

Monitoring the brake supply pressure reliability detects a coupled tractor

A locking system integrated in the rear portal enables full access control and remote control using telematics.

An ABS sensor and GPS help to calculate the precise mileage (km), even when the EBS spiral cable is not inserted

An electronic sensor integrated in the rear portal monitors the status of the doors, even when uncoupled

Sensors in the rim measure the tyre pressure and temperature and transmit this to a receiver in the telematics control unit

A sensor integrated in the fuel tank records and monitors the level of diesel fuel in the refrigeration
unit tank, even when the refrigeration unit is switched off

Always informed – Even on the Road

“ As the Fleet Manager of one of Europe’s largest fleets, I cannot afford to be in second place when it comes to the latest innovations.”

Olaf Duden, Fleet Manager EURO-Leasing GmbH
The TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Portal 2.0

The TrailerConnect® Portal 2.0

Experience your transport live. The TrailerConnect® 2.0 portal precisely provides the status of your transport and freight at a glance: realtime data, events, messages and location information. All the values are comprehensively visualised.

beSmart – Your Trailer&Cargo Manager

beSmart – Your Trailer&Cargo Manager

The beSmart app lets you continuously monitor the status of the trailer and respond rapidly if you need to. An integrated WiFi module in your trailer provides for communication between the telematics control unit and a smartphone.

Control panel

Control panel

All the key variables for transport are configured on the control panel on the refrigeration unit and the current status can be read in 17 European languages. There is also PIN encryption to prevent any unauthorised intervention.

Your Data Interface for ‘Next-generation Logistics’

Comprehensively networking and automating information about freight and transport is a core task for ‘Next-generation logistics’. With TrailerConnect® the telematics information flows via an API interface to all other software solutions and platforms you need for your business.

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