S.KO Box Semi-trailers

S.KO Box Semi-trailers

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TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Door Locking System

TrailerConnect® Door Locking System


TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TrailerConnect® Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Temperature Recorder

TrailerConnect® Temperature Recorder


TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Brake Pad Wear Indicator

TrailerConnect® Brake Pad Wear Indicator


TrailerConnect<sup>®</sup> Fuel Sensor

TrailerConnect® Fuel Sensor



TrailerConnect®– The Telematics Solution for Your Industry

“The transformation of the entire logistics sector is advancing at a fast pace. It is now vital to have the right partner, specifi cally in the telematics sector.”

Olaf Duden, Fleet Manager EURO-Leasing GmbH


Offer your customers a modern and flexibly equipped trailer with TrailerConnect® in your fleet. You can constantly keep all of your vehicles in your sight, and thus have quick access to all information for your fleet management system. In addition, the monitoring of your equipment provides you with preventative maintenance. Thus you can avoid unexpected downtimes. Billing disputes are also a thing of the past, as you are able to offer fair, usage-related billing models to your customers, thanks to the transparency it provides.

“Our aim is to guarantee the safety, security and traceability of products. We achieve this by real-time transmission of temperature and location data.”

Katja Seifert, Fleet and Insurance Spedition Kaiser & Schmoll

Refrigeration chain

Even minor deviations from the specified temperatures can have a major infl uence on the storage life and quality of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products. TrailerConnect® monitors the functionality of your cooling unit. You control the key parameters, including temperature setpoints, operating mode and defrosting cycles, in two-way ommunication. You also receive information about the different temperatures in the cargo area, moisture sensors, the fuel tank level and the operation of the refrigeration unit. Thanks to real-time data, you can demonstrate an intact refrigeration chain along the entire transport route, and provide customers with valid evidence in compliance with DIN EN 12830.

“With the intermodal transport of perishable goods, it is essential to know where our vehicles are and guarantee that the refrigeration chain is complied with.”

Philipp Wegmüller, Chairman of the Executive Board railCare AG

Intermodal transport, part units

TrailerConnect® lets you monitor and control the transport of remote units in intermodal transport with rail and ferry and with intermediate stops in transshipment transport, to ensure that the freight arrives safely at its destination. Remote control of the key functions enables you to reliably handle matters from the forwarding desk if no driver is in situ to intervene. The system is also capable of issuing an alert when the individual confi gurable setpoints are reached.

“Certified temperature reports and sophisticated alarm and temperature management are extremely important for the transport of pharmaceutical products.”

Gert Kautetzky, Spedition Kautetzky


Greater security for safety-relevant freight and sensitive goods, such as pharmaceutical products. TrailerConnect® gives you the current location data for you trailer. Geofencing lets you specify a corridor for the route and alerts you if the vehicle leaves the specified route or stops for a disproportionately long time. The coupling sensor, tractor identification and door contact switch provide further security by preventing unwanted access to the cargo hold. The LS2 security system in the S.KO COOL SMART lets you use geofencing to lock the trailer to prevent unauthorised opening during transport and only permit access at the starting point and destination.

"As Fleet Manager, I can no longer imagine operating without telematics. Our trailer pool comprises 65 vehicles at three sites and we use geo-fence points to let us know when the trailer arrives at a particular site, so that any necessary repairs or maintenance can be planned in advance."

Sascha Kost, Fleet Management, Transporte Jankowski

Proactive Monitoring

Increase the availability of your investment with our service offering to minimise the stops needed for service and maintenance times. Maintenance or repairs planned in advance help by reducing the time spent in the workshop. All of this is made possible by centrally monitoring the device functions for all transport refrigeration units at Schmitz Cargobull Service Head Office. Service Partners receive all necessary information in advance so that they can order in spare parts and plan any trips to the workshop. Participation in the system is voluntary for all customers, of course.

“In the new Telematics Portal 2.0 we have clear, direct access to all information about our vehicles – where necessary even on the road on a smartphone or tablet.”

Ronja Assmann, Fleet Management Assmann Logistik GmbH

Fleet Management

TrailerConnect® intelligently links information obtained from your fleet, providing a chronological record of the data from all linked trailer components, including refrigeration, running gear and sensors. Service-relevant real-time warning alerts prevent your vehicle from standingidle. Technical events are documented stating the time and place of the event and its rectification.

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